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Strategy Plan
A Strategic Plan is often the missing link in a company’s arsenal for ultimate success. A strategic plan puts into action well thought out and tested business sales strategies so a company can find success in a complicated and highly competitive marketplace.
Prestige Capital will work with you one on one to produce a strategic plan that will move your company in a purposed fashion toward a realistically planned and determined sales level.
After plan development, Prestige Capital will be with you every step of the way to help implement the strategic and sales plan successfully, as well as, help track its results.
This package also includes unlimited consulting with the Prestige Capital business success consultant who has many years experience helping companies succeed, along with plan updates, tweaking and re-works as needed in the plan roll out.
What’s Included
The comprehensive Strategic Plan has the following sections (customized to the client):
  • Company Objectives
  • Potential Problems and Risks
  • Risk Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Company Strategies, Strategic Tactics and Strategic Programs
  • Sales Strategies and Programs
  • Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures
  • Operating Budget
  • Control Mechanisms
  • Milestones
  • Sales Forecast
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Why Our Strategic Plan is Better
  • Highly Customized – Completely Customized Plan to Your Needs and Specific Objectives. All Plans are Custom and Original. The plan is targeted for its specific purpose, whether it is for a funder, a prospective partner, to improve a business plan, to bring in more business, to define your strategic direction, to implement your business plan, etc.
  • Substance & Flair – Our Strategic Plan is both Highly Substantive and has Full Color Charts, Graphics and Tables.
  • Sophisticated Financial Analysis – We use Sophisticated Financial Software to Produce High Quality Financial Projections.
  • Unlimited Consulting
  • Implementation Support

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