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Investment Overview

Prestige Capital will customize each overview to the exact parameters of each investor or investment group you target.

Why Our Investment Overview is Better

° Highly Customized – Completely Customized Plan to Your Needs and Specific Objectives. All Plans are Custom and Original. The plan is targeted for specific funding sources- up to five different renditions. ° Substance & Flair – Our Plan is both Highly Substantive and has Full Color Charts, Graphics and Tables. ° Sophisticated Financial Analysis – We use Sophisticated Financial Software to Produce High Quality Financial Projections.


  1. Company Name

  2. Location

  3. Business Type and Industry

  4. Business Stage

  5. Business Form

  6. Business Formation Date

  7. Company and Venture Overview


  1. Business History Summary

  2. Founders / Directors / Principals

  3. Managers / Key Employees

  4. Track Record

  5. Previous Venture Capital / Investment Deals

  6. Key Experience

Product and Service

  1. Product and Service Description

  2. How the Product and Service is Unique

  3. Proprietary Characteristics

  4. Patents, Trademarks and Service Marks

Market and Competitive Edge

  1. Current and Projected Market Penetration

  2. Market Niche

  3. Competitive Edge

Financial Overview

  1. Investment Required

  2. Current Liens, Loans and Terms

  3. Risks (Management, Market, Technology, Investment)

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